Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Resource Provider Execution Module

New in version 1.0.0.

Changed in version 4.0.0.




This module requires Azure Resource Manager credentials to be passed as keyword arguments to every function or via acct in order to work properly.

Required provider parameters:

if using username and password:
  • subscription_id
  • username
  • password
if using a service principal:
  • subscription_id
  • tenant
  • client_id
  • secret

Optional provider parameters:

cloud_environment: Used to point the cloud driver to different API endpoints, such as Azure GovCloud. Possible values:

  • AZURE_PUBLIC_CLOUD (default)
idem_azurerm.exec.azurerm.resource.provider.get(hub, ctx, name, resource_group, **kwargs)

New in version 4.0.0.

Gets the specified resource provider.

Parameters:name – The namespace of the resource provider.

CLI Example:

azurerm.resource.provider.get test_name
idem_azurerm.exec.azurerm.resource.provider.list_(hub, ctx, top=None, expand=None, **kwargs)

New in version 1.0.0.

List all resource providers for a subscription.

  • top – The number of results to return. Default returns all providers.
  • expand – The properties to include in the results. For example, use ‘metadata’ in the query string to retrieve resource provider metadata. To include property aliases in response, use ‘resourceTypes/aliases’.

CLI Example: