Version 2.3.0


Lately we’ve been focusing on documentation. In this release, we’ve added a Contributing Guide to encourage development contributions to the project. We also modifed the README and module docstrings in an effort to make them more helpful in getting started quickly. Be on the lookout for more documentation additions in the near future!

Utils Structure

This repository should only contain Azure-specific code for Idem. In the beginning of Idem, there weren’t any centralized utility functions. This caused us to include the dictdiffer functionality as a utility within this code. Recently, the dict-toolbox was released and we removed our internal utility. This allows us to import dict-toolbox as an external resource and focus on Azure.


The resource group state modules were the first to be developed back when this code was first committed to the Salt open source project. Since that time, the state logic has become a little more refined. We circled back and updated those modules to be more efficient and cut out some superfluous API calls that slowed down operation slightly. It’s not much, but we’re always looking for ways to make idem-azurerm better!